Maxxis Motul has unveiled 14 thousand US Dollars towards the 2022 motocross and Enduro season.

Speaking at the unveiling of the 2022 season sponsorship for Eunduro and motor cross, Chief executive officer for CFAO Dino Bianchi, said they have decided to continue with the sponsorship for Enduro hence the sponsorship of 14 thousand US dollars towards this year’s Enduro and motocross championships.

“Considering our successful partnership last year, we have decided to continue with our sponsorship hence sponsoring USD 14,000 towards this year’s Enduro and motor cross Championships for 2022”, he said.

Speaking at the same event Zambia Motorsports Association, ZMSA vice president for motorcycling, Steward Parkes expressed happiness that Motul Maxxis were coming on board with this sponsorship.

“MOTUL and MAXXIS have been a strategic partner in the motorsport here in Zambia, and particularly to the off road Enduro motorcycling in the last year of 2021, we are very proud to have you on board as our Enduro title sponsor and co-sponsor on the motocross for the 2022 season here in Zambia”, he said.

Meanwhile government representative under the National Sports Council of Zambia Raphael Mulenga reiterated governments support towards motorsports, motorcycling to be specific.

And the Commissioner for off road Mr. Rainer thanked Motul and Maxxis for their sponsorship and also was not short of highlighting the races that will happen this year with a new round called the hard Enduro which will take place in Livingstone. 

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