Maybe Zambia should reconsider stance on obsolete legislation on how to treat LGBTI- FOOTE

United States of Americas ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foot has described the sentencing of two men who had a consensual relationship to 15 years imprisonment as oppressive.

Mr. Foote has challenged law enforcing agencies and government to prosecute officials stealing million dollars of public funds, political cadres injuring innocent people as well as increase sentences for poachers.

Mr. Foote has further challenged government using the catch phrase from the bible that let he who has no sin be first to cast the stone.

He has stated that such decisions do untold damaging to the country’s international reputation by demonstrating that human rights in Zambia is not a universal guarantee and perpetuate prosecution against those deemed different in society.

“Maybe it is time for Zambia to consider its outdated stance on obsolete legislation on how to treat LGBTI community and all others considered different”. He said.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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