Medical for Quality Health Care in Zambia has supported the proposal by the Zambia law development commission to allow free abortions and bigamy in the constitution.

Medical for Quality Health Care in Zambia director general, Quince Mwabu said it is high time the country makes abortion legal so as to protect the lives of many women.

He said illegal abortion have resulted to women going through dangerous procedures and also taking harmful substances to abort.

Dr. Mwabu further explained that legal abortion will help in providing counselling on the dangers of aborting in hospitals and provide a safe procedure of aborting that will save women s lives.

“We need to protect more lives, and so we welcome that move which has been long overdue. A lot of people will be saved, let’s put it as a law so that it can become a choice of a patience if they are not ready to keep the pregnancy to abort through right procedures,” he said.

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