National Action for Quality Education in Zambia NAQEZ says it is pleased with government’s stance against child marriages in the country.

NAQEZ Executive director Aron Chansa said the presidential directive for the arresting of perpetrators of child marriages must attract national support and instituting of various cultural and legal amendments.

He said the resultant and hoped-for amendments of customary law, which permit underage marriages, will make underage marriage an actionable offence.

Mr. Chansa said the concern from the highest office in Zambia has come at a time when Zambia has one of the highest child marriage rates in the world.

“Apart from poverty, destitution, gender inequality, bad traditions and lack of access to sexual reproductive health information, lack of educational opportunities pushes young girls into early marriages. But when forced to marry at a tender age, these girls face potentially lifelong, life-threatening and harmful consequences,” he said. 

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