The NCA -SGBV Programmes debuted Natwampane Programme held a breakfast dialogue meeting 8th
October 2020 with Members of Parliament (MPs) from Luapula Province to discuss their role as
legislators in addressing the piercing problems of Sexual and Gender Based Violence. MPs have a
privileged position in changing the normative landscape of the country and therefore their needed
support and commitment in addressing SGBV.
In his opening remarks, Lennart Reinius, Country Director for Norwegian Church Aid, thanked
everyone who made an effort to participate in the meeting, but also underscored the importance of
MPs support that could make the Natwampane Programme succeed. Natwampane is a programme
funded by European Union (EU) to the Government of Zambia, being implemented by consortia of
civil society organisations.
The meeting with MPs discussed among other things how to combat Sexual and Gender Based
Violence through challenging the negative traditional norms, adverse belief systems, hostile attitudes,
and repugnant harmful practices. The meeting also deliberated on role Luapula Province Law Makers
can have in influencing positively the access for SGBV survivors to receive comprehensive care and
support services, including justice. Through this meeting, MPs were encouraged to take interest in
promoting community and institutional measures to curb sexual violence. MPs were reminded that
the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) and other related Codes of Conduct are some
of the mechanisms that MPs could champion to promote safer communities for all. The meeting
emphasised that the PSEA is a critical issue for all stakeholders, government and civil society alike and
noted that currently, Government Ministries and local government actors do not have a specific policy
that clearly articulates the expected behaviours of its staff when it comes to sexual exploitation and
abuse and the Natwampane consortium called on the MPs to initiate this discussion in parliament.
At this same meeting, the team from EU, the Ministry of Gender Technical Specialist, and the officers
from Norwegian Church Aid implored the MPs to help in enhancing the coordination among key
stakeholders in their constituencies, to help in promoting the contextualised information on the
wellbeing of the children, especially through accurate knowledge of the comprehensive sexuality
education models, to help in advocating for the establishment of magistrate courts in all the districts
of the province, to support the progressive discussion of amendments regarding the Anti Gender Act
to include penal sanctions, to help in resource mobilisation for increased deployment of victim support
unit officers in the remote police posts, and finally, to support the mobilisation of funds to enable the
implementation of the Gender Equity and Equality Act.
Leading the delegation of the MPs, the Provincial Minister, Hon Nixon Chilangwa, in his closing
remarks, stressed the stronger commitment by Government to work together as a coordinated
authority in fighting the Sexual Gender Violence pandemic. He thanked NCA for creating the platform

where knowledge and information was shared. In his opinion, MPs were now more equipped with
facts and knowledge to tackle issues of SGBV robustly in parliament and in their constituencies.

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