Ngoma Awards are back

Government of Zambia supports the national arts council of Zambia for dedicated efforts in upholding the local artists for which the Ngoma Awards was created.

Speaking during the re-launch of the Ngoma awards to be held on 7 December 2019 with the theme celebrating and investing in Arts, Acting Minister of Tourism and Arts Joyce Nonde Simukoko has stated that this reintroduction will boost the sector.

Minister of Labor Joyce Nonde Simukoko

“The government of Zambia is devoted to safeguarding the tourism and arts industry by empowering artist, both upcoming and current and deceased.” She said.

And speaking during the same event, National Arts Council Chairman Patrick Samwimbila says that this time around the council plans to host the Ngoma awards annually adding that the standards and prestige of the awards have been raised locally and internationally.

National Arts Council Chairman Patrick Samwimbila

“I need to stress and reemphasize the fact that local artists should participate in elevating the Ngoma awards to international renown beginning with the local terrain. It is the only viable for us people.” He said.

By Ricky Mwakwa

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