Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president Dr. Danny Pule has said that no one should stop the former head of state Dr. Edgar Lungu to stand if he wants to contest the 2026 general elections.

Speaking at a media briefing, Dr. Pule added that the former head of state has a democratic right to stand and that is not his worry but that as CDP president, his preoccupation is to contest the 2026 elections because of the many changes that have taken place in the nation.

Dr. Pule reminded that Zambia is a democratic nation and that every person has the right to contest elections as long as they are eligible.

He alleged that the economy is not the same way it was in August 2021, in the Patriotic Front (PF) regime, as the levels of poverty has gone up as people are failing to buy 25 kg bags of mealie meal and are finding it hard to buy Pamela (small mealie meal parks) which are now packaged in smaller ones and now are more expensive.

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