Save the Environment and Peoples Agency SEPA has called on the people who are migrating from other provinces to North western province to change their mind set of deforestation because North western province is an ecological zone of the country.

Organization Executive Director Mailes Muke expressed worry at the increase in deforestation in the province which hubbers the source of the Zambezi kabompo and Kafue River.

Mrs. Muke further stressed that; the effect of the rampant deforestation in North Western province will be more power deficit in future which might result into people destroying the environment. The activity which will be a disaster to our climate and the nation at large.

While everyone is free to stay where they want in Zambia, but this is a source of worry, at least if they migrated and changed their ways of doing things or their ways of farming, but unfortunately these people are here in North Western province and I hear they are all over”, she said.

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