The General Nursing Council of Zambia has refuted sentiments stating that it was the one that expelled the four student nurses from Chilongo school of nursing after they were recorded and seen dancing on camera and on social media.

The four nurses where seen dancing to a challenge on social media at the outpatient department and after being caught they have since been expelled and will not be allowed to do nursing anywhere else.

Speaking to One Love Radio news nursing council of Zambia spokesperson Etambuyu Mulele Bvulani clarified that the council does not involve itself in disciplinary processes for training institutions but rather take action only when there is an appeal against by the students.

She said the named institution was the one that expelled the nurses and not the council further stating such sentiments are false and action will be taken.

“Nursing Council of Zambia does not involve itself in the disciplinary processes for training institutions,” she said.

Meanwhile some sections of society have regarded the expulsion as unfair and harsh hence have called on higher authorities to look into the matter and rescind the decision.

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