One Love Radio Zambia Published by Mumba Tailashi · 1 hr · ZAW training women farmers to be economically productive

The Zambia Alliance of Women (ZAW) is training women in Shibuyunji, Nangoma and Mumbwa not only in Climate Smart Agriculture and sustainable diets but also crop diversification that will help farmers increase productivity by growing other crops away from maize.

ZAW Executive Director Edah Chimya says “Our organisation took advantage of the draught that hit the area in the last farming season to teach farmers the advantage of growing other crops that are drought resistance in order to be food secure”.Chimya observed that some parts of Mumbwa and Shibuyunji are not food secure due to crop failure resulting from the drought experienced in the area.

“With Support from the Swedish Embassy through the NGOCC basket fund, ZAW is implementing a project Increased Productivity and Resilience through Climate Smart Agriculture”. Chimya said.

ZAW Board Member Violet Malama says ZAW would like farmers to understand how to make money using agricultural produce.

Ms. Malama also observed that the prices for the farm produces have tremendously gone up because of the changes in the way of doing things in the recent past.

And Annie Katongo a beneficiary is happy that ZAW has taught women the new agriculture adaptability mechanisms under the new normal.

“Among the measures taught to women is crop diversification which will enable farmers have double benefits”. She said.

Another beneficiary, Loveness Mweemba said one lesson learnt from the Climate smart agriculture is that it will help the farmers find a market for their produce.

She said COVID-19 has prevented people from going to the market to sale their products hence farmers have no option but to sale their produce at lower prices to quickly get rid of the produce.

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