Over k I billion lost under FISP

The civil society for poverty reduction CSPR reveals that Over 1 billion kwacha has been lost in the ministry of agriculture under the FISP Programme due to misapplication of funds and corruption.

CSPR Resource governance coordinator Chimuka Nachibinga in his presentation of the public accounts committee analysis report charged the committee to come up with mechanisms of holding erring officers accountable and implementing punitive measures.

Mr. Nachibinga has noted that the committees report has been taken as a mere academic exercise as the erring ministries and officers go unpunished.

He has recommended that PAC sets a limited time frame for line ministries to respond to queries to allow them hold public officers accountable.

“We have noticed that the report is not been treated with the urgency it deserves. Going forward PAC should not just state the illegalities occurring in line ministries but also state the resolutions being made and to ensure the irregularities are curbed. PAC should put up strict measures to punish officers found wanting and also restrict the transferring of people before being cleared”.

He was speaking at the CSPR Public Accounts Committee report Analysis in Lusaka on Wednesday.

And CSPR Acting Director Juliet Ilunga says concerns in Misapplication of funds in the education, agriculture and health sectors need to be addressed as they affect the future of the nation and children.

Ms. Ilunga has also expressed that if the corruption cases in these ministries are not addressed vision 2030 will not be attainable.

“As an organisation that is working on ending poverty we know that whatever plans included in 7NDP works towards achieving vision 2030 and as long as there is misapplication of public funds we are not going anywhere”. Ms. Ilunga said.

“We call on government to intensify austerity measures and ensure all charged with responsibilities of managing public resources do the right thing to reduce poverty levels”. She added.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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