The Patriotic Front PF has questioned the decision by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to terminate feeder Road contracts in some parts of the Country.

Reacting to the announcement, PF Deputy Media Director Edwin Lifwekelo says the termination of the said contracts has been done in bad faith as people in the affected area will be deprived of the much-needed development.

He stated that the new dawn government has shown no commitment to honor its campaign promises as seen by the most emotional or rather reactive type of governance system being exhibited.

Mr. Lifwekelo charged that the victimization of contractors by the UPND government since they assumed office is very alarming and must be stopped.

“According to their view in terms of the political semantics is that whoever that whoever worked with PF then did not deserve to have a contract,” he said.

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development on November 30 2022 announced the termination of 197 contracts on feeder roads contractors in 7 provinces.

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