The patriotic front PF has revealed that it will stick to the same candidate Clement Tembo for the kabwata parliamentary by elections despite being cancelled.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka on Wednesday, PF vice president Given Lubinda said the party is fully convinced that Mr Tembo has already campaigned and reached out to the electorates, hence they are certain of victory.

“For us in the PF, we shall stick to our same candidate as we are fully convinced that he has already campaigned and reached out to the electorates,  we have every confidence in him, victory for us is certain,  no wonder he is now in hiding fearing that he may be attacked”, he said

He also said the cancellation of the by elections comes with very huge costs to the ECZ and to all political parties and should be condemned by all citizens.

Mr Lubinda further expressed that the beneficiary of the cancelation will soon be seen going forward, further stating that whether or not the upnd had a hand in it.

“Whether or not UPND had a hand in it or not shall be seen by how they handle the by elections going forward, we are encouraged by the strong resolve by Andrew Tayengwa that he will spill the beans in the event that the UPND replace him with another candidate,  soon it shall be clear to who has been a beneficiary of the cancellation,”, he said.

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