The Patriotic Front has charged that the party was not shaken by the continued defections of its members joining the Socialist Party.

Speaking in an interview with One Love Radio, PF Deputy Media Director Mr. Edwin Lifwekelo said the former ruling party views the current defections as a creasing Processing which would make the rebranding process easier.

Mr. Lifwekolo said the Socialist party was a PF branch adding that a branch cannot Shallow a tree.

The PF has suffered massive defections in the recent past with members flocking to Socialist Party headed by Dr. Fred M’membe.

“So generally, we regret that our members are moving, but ultimately I think it’s a good thing because we can say we are self-cleansing and doing a self-introspection, ensuring that those members that are not adding any value in the party find their way in other political parties,” he said.

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