The United arty for national; development UPND party chairman for mines and freedom fighters Percy Chanda has accused the patriotic front PF of using other political parties to fight for survival, as the fight against corruption heightens.

 Mr. Chanda said after realizing what will come out of the audit from the Ministry of Defense, the PF has embarked on recruiting other opposition political parties to help them fight for survival.

He further alleged that out of desperation, PF and its allies have even embarked on a mission of impeaching President Hakainde Hichilema hence there is urgent need for some individual political leaders to take self-introspection on their conduct.

It’s now evidently clear that the crooks and thieves in PF will not go alone to prison but with a lot of blind followers known as Ba Nkonka Mupulo (mercenaries of ka something),” he said.

Meanwhile, when contacted for a comment the patriotic front says the PF will not subscribe to illegal aspects or illegal means of auditing institutions.

PF Deputy Media Director Edwin Lifwekelo said it is wrong for government to give contracts to institutions or companies who have direct link to the republican president.

Mr. Lifwekelo stated that PF is not against the idea of auditing the defense forces but the manner in which the contract was given.

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