PF urges UPND not to politic human interest matters

Southern Province Patriotic Front Provincial Chairperson Lawrence Evans and the entire leadership in the Province have clarified alleged misleading and malicious statements from the opposition UPND aimed at tarnishing Government’s image that it is distributing maize bran for human consumption to some hunger hit areas of the Province.

PF Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary Trymore Mwenda says government through (DMMU) is coordinating the relief distribution through which people hit by hunger in the Province are receiving mealie meal and some maize bran which is meant as feed for their livestock.

Mr. Mwenda has described as erroneous and misguided twisting facts and claim that government is giving maize bran to people in hunger hit areas to use for their consumption when it is for livestock.

“The poor rainfall recorded in many parts of the country leading to failed crop was not a creation of the Government of His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, but an act of nature”. He noted.

“UPND should know when to politic and when to stand together as a country and one such time to stand together is now as the country deals with the lack of food in some parts of the country because hunger dehumanizes and does not know tribe or political affiliations”. He expressed.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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