Police in Zambia allegedly ‘manhandles’ opposition leader

Some residents of Lusaka have expressed concern about how the United Party of National Development UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema was ill-treated by riot police when he attempted to tour Chawama on Sunday.

Mr Hichilema was trying to tour the township to donate a Genset at Chawama Clinic to ease the long hours of load shedding currently being experienced at the health institute.

Commenting to comments by the listeners, Police assistant public relations officer Godfrey Chilabi has noted that most Zambian people are politically differentiated adding that there is need to observe the public order whose mandate is the Zambian police.

Godfrey Chilabi Police Assistant Public Relations Officer

“It is our duty as police to maintain peace, law and order. It is our mandate to ensure that peaceful public gatherings are maintained where two or more are gathered. This is why we have laws that even govern these things.” The Zambia police service Superintendent Geofrey Chilabi.

Superintendent Chilabi has cautioned the public and local institutions to notify the police about where, when, how, who and what the agenda is when making public gatherings so that the police can authorize and take part for the sake of peace.

“If at all anybody out there wants to carry out any public activity that involves public rallying or campaign should be able to obtain printed permits from the police in order that we can facilitate for smooth operations.” He said.

A Lusaka resident commonly known by the name Sweet Bull, has bemoaned the Chawama-HH incident noting that the UPND president did not have any police escort when he made his rounds through Chawaman and other compounds on Sunday.

“I really question the fact as to whether or not it is necessary for Zambians or fellow Zambian, if you like, to be moving with papers of permission in order to move about in their country. Why should the opposition UPND leader be harassed each time he straws the streets? He said.

By Ricky Mwakwa

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