President Hakainde Hichilema says Zambia is looking forward to working with the European partners and the European market for greater investments and trade.

Addressing the EU parliament in Brussels Belgium, president Hichilema said Zambia is open and ready for business and that it is committed to be more productive and enhance industrialization for the EU and other global markets.

He said Zambia continues to look to the EU and other partners to establish financial assistant packages that will create new and sustainable Small Medium Enterprises SME’s as part of a building block for manufacturing and industrialization.

President Hichilema further expressed gratitude to the EU for the partnership and support rendered to Zambia further stating that the relationship with the EU is built on a strong foundation shared values and beliefs to benefit both the Zambian and the European nation.

 “We are committed to becoming a productive and industrious country over the years to come, Zambia has a lot of capacity to produce quality goods and services for the EU and regional and global markets,” he said.

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