….it was established in 2007 when the accused person was not even President. 

By Staff Reporter  

An employee of Arm Safety Security  Company James Zimba, (not real names), has disclosed that the company he works for is not aligned to the former President Dr Edgar Lungu, the daughter Mrs. Tasila Lungu or Kaiza Zulu, but that it belongs to a Zambian by the name of Tyson Mwanza. 

Zimba who spoke in an exclusive interview this afternoon narrated on how most of his workmates are losing jobs because of the termination of contracts by the powers that be from parastatal and government institutions.

He bemoaned the continued victimisation, saying the institutions where they have contracts are  opting not to renew them, and the same parastatals prefer giving businesses to Armsecure Limited, an Indian owned security company.

Zimba accused Armsecure and other unknown persons of giving false information about Arm Safety which is owned by a Zambian by the name of Tyson Mwanza.

He revealed that Armsafety has over 4000 workers and if same frustrations continue, the employees will go back on the streets and they will fail to feed their families.

Zimba further alleged that all these accusations are coming from one who is full of jealous and hatred for a successful Zambian company, more so they don’t want to see a Zambian prosper.

He further advised those that are still doubting to check bank transactions, PACRA papers if there is any link between the owner and those who are alleged to be the owners.

Zimba disclosed that Arm Safety was established in 2007 and that time former President Lungu or Tasila and Kaizia were not yet in power.

He also refuted claims that Arm Safety Security and Tigerhead Security and Investigation company are not one company as Tigerhead is owned by a lady who is a widow whose name has been withheld.

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