Radio broadcasters applauded

The Livingstone Press Club (LPC) in Zambia has joined the rest of the global media fraternity in celebrating the World Radio Day today under the theme “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”.

LPC president Brian Hatyoka has said that it is an undeniable fact that radio is one of the most effective modes of communication in terms of reaching the masses worldwide.
Mr. Hatyoka has urged various stakeholders to work closely with radio stations to promote development and transform people’s lives adding that the Club will not tolerate intimidation, attacks and harassment of radio journalists and other media practitioners.

He has further stated that Journalists must be given space to work independently and professionally in their quest to disseminate information to the masses.

The LPC president has added that it is totally unacceptable for any news source to attack or harass individual journalists who are merely doing their job as assigned by their superiors.

 “We also urge radio stations to promote dialogue, tolerance and peace by upholding professionalism and media ethics in their reporting. We salute you comrades in the radio broadcasting industry”. He said.

By Ricky Mwakwa

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