Resident Doctors Association of Zambia RDAZ says the move by government through the ministry of health suggesting that the recruitment process of more than 11 thousand health workers will prioritize volunteers is not a fair move.

Speaking in an interview with one love radio news on Thursday, Association president Dr. Brian Sampa said government should consider employing people, health workers in particular based on their qualification and not based on their voluntarism.

Mr. Sampa further explained that people who didn’t have the chance to volunteer or where not given an opportunity to volunteer will feel left out, hence the need to ensure everyone receives an equal opportunity in employment.

“we have made it clear to government that, volunteering quit alright is good and those people need to be appreciated, but not everyone can volunteer because to volunteer you need some source of income to sustain you, so in an event you don’t have money to sustain yourself you can not volunteer and that’s a mistake that’s there, people will be left out, government should ensure everyone receives an equal opportunity in employment”, he said.

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