RDAZ happy with the proposed announcement to deploy 11,200 health personnel

The Resident Doctors Association of Zambia RDAZ is happy with Government’s proposed announcement to deploy 11,200 health personnel in the 2022 national budget.

RDAZ President Dr Brian Sampa has told one love radio news that currently the health fraternity has got a huge deficit in terms of health care workers to patients which stands at one to twelve thousand for doctors against the recommended one which is one to one thousand.

He says the deployment of 11,200 health personnel which will be done in one year’s time, is a good move because it will help to improve the health care delivery. As people will always find health workers whenever they go to health facilities to seek medical attention.

Dr.Sampa has suggested that employment should be done in a way that it will reflect the needs of the people concerning health, where all specialized personnel are catered for.

“We don’t want the kind of employment where by only nurses and doctors are employed. We want all the seven hundred doctors to be employed and five thousand clinic officers to be deployed, clinic officers haven’t been employed for the past five to six years”. He said

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