Riots rampage in Lusaka between opposition and PF

All hell broke loose this morning in the Central Business District CBD Lusaka when police fired gun shots and tear gas at fracas between United Party for National Development UPND and Patriotic Front PF cadres

Friday morning, UPND cadres were burying one of their members when they used a non allocated route and ended up colliding with PF cadres and police.

One Love Radio news anchor on the scene has reported that the commotion included PF and UPND Cadres and then civilians, all involved in the confusion adding that clouds of pepper bombs fired from police canisters could still be seen in the air.

“There is too much tear gas in the air right now and so much confusion. I am right in the middle of the commotion trying to decipher what exactly has transpired. There are hundreds of people trapped in glades of peace here and there trapped for their lives’ safety.” One Love Radio’s George Phiri reports.

Meanwhile, a civilian who was caught up in the same disturbance has told One Love Radio that a huge crown was coming from the direction of Chibolya, through Ben Bella road, passed Kafue Roundabout and proceeded towards independence road and intercity, adding that the multitude was carrying pangas (machetes)  and weapons.

“Guns kept being fired and tear gas canisters kept popping up in the skies as civilian crowds kept running in different directions everywhere…” He told One Love Radio.

By Ricky Mwakwa

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