Some bus drivers have complained that it is a challenge paying the amount of money for the road traffic offences by the Zambia Police Service, hence the corruption.

One of the Lusaka based bus drivers Mr. Nathan has lamented that the amount of money is usually too much especially that they as drivers also have families and many other responsibilities to attend to hence they end up involving in such practices to save up.

He also told one love radio news in an exclusive interview, that some drivers in the country are not aware of some of the Zambia Police Service traffic offences which are more than a 100.

“ In terms of the fines, sometimes you don’t even know to say if I do this am violating a code of conduct, you find that when the police find you that’s when they begin to explain to you, then they charge you a fine of which even you will be surprised, then in the end you bribe”, Mr. Nathan said.

Meanwhile the Zambia Police Service said it will continue sensitizing the general public and not only the drivers about the police traffic offences.

Zambia Police National Road Traffic Safety Coordinator Yorum Phiri, said the police working together with Transparency International Zambia TIZ did a service charter to speak to people and simply explaining fees and fines that the Zambia Police Service offers.

Mr. Phiri further explained that, the sensitization is aimed at curbing corruption in the country, making the general public understand and have the knowledge of how much they pay for a particular offence, where they need to pay from and receive a receipt in the end.

“we have stated and we suppose to put up fines and fees chart, it is standard, it is uniform, so that’s what a service charter is supposed to do, to speak to the people, but working with TIZ we said lets tell the people if you commit such an offence it attracts this penalty, if you requesting for this service it’s so much, that’s in the service charter”, he said.

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