The Zambia Meteorological department under the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment has called on members of the public to prepare adequately for the expected storm.

The meteorological department announced that a Tropical Storm Ana, which is currently over Northern Mozambique is projected to move westwards towards Eastern Province and some parts of the country.

Speaking to one love radio news in an exclusive interview, acting principal for meteorology, Loveness Nikisi said, members of the public should stay indoors and ensure living spaces are secure ahead of the storm.

She said citizens should avoid crossing flooded rivers and streams whether on foot or on a motor vehicle.

Ms. Nikisi also warned that the expected storm might come with Strong winds that may carry debris, roofing sheets or break off tree branches that may damage infrastructure, property and may lead to loss of life.

“we advise that people should ensure their living places are secured because of heavy the rains and strong winds as they can blow roofs for houses, do not make unnecessary movement and avoid crossing flooded rivers, thunder storm is associated with lightening so do not pack vehicles under trees”, she said.

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