Seed CO advises farmers on seed types for drought hit areas

SeedCO has advised farmers on the Southern province and other areas that were hit by drought to plant using their ac 3, seeds as they are drought resistant.

SeedCO Assistant Adrian Mubanga has revealed that the AC 3 seeds planted in their demonstration plots in the area with stood the drought and yielded crops.

“I call the AC 3 seeds as the drought killer because it is able to with stand drought and other bad weather conditions. We have been carrying out trainings for farmers and have done demonstration plots using the seed variety in Southern province and honestly some seeds died and didn’t make it but we have success stories were the seeds produced crops that were harvested”. He said.

Mr. Mubanga has also recommended that ac 5 seeds as they can help produce crops even with little amount of rainfall.

By: Mumba Tailashi.

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