Concerns have risen among stakeholders calling for the amendment of the constitution that gives powers to the president to appoint people on substantial positions.

United Front for a Strong Foundation is one of the stakeholders that have called for the revision of the constitution, citing Wednesday’s appointments by president Hakainde Hichilema, at the cabinet office, anti-corruption commission and the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ.

Party President Brian Chisenga Lombwe said if the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ and other wings are to be independent then people appointed should not be affiliated to politics but rather should be neutral.

Mr. Lombwe further expressed disappointment in the appointment of GEARS initiative director mc Donald Chipenzi, stating that Mr. Chipenzi is actively in politics and hence such decisions could bring uproar from well-meaning citizens.

“If we want the ECZ to be ever independent then we need to take that power from the presidency,” he said.

In a similar development Patriotic Front, PF, presidential aspirant Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, GBM, described as a blatant assault on democracy and an insult to the collective wisdom of the Zambian people the appointment of a well-known UPND entertainer, McDonald Chipenzi, as Commissioner of the Electoral Commission of Zambia, ECZ.

Mr. Mwamba said President Hichilema is daring the Zambian people by openly desecrating the country’s democratic credentials, an act that has been well noted and likely to sow seeds of despondency among voters.

The former Kasama lawmaker said he is at great pains to understand how the President can proceed with such an appointment when Chipenzi is an active member of the ruling party.

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