The church has appealed to the nation to engage and open up to one another to prevent suicidal thoughts.

Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) is among the churches that have appealed to all Zambians to uphold sanity of life, further stating that it is disheartening seeing people taking their lives in unusual circumstances.

BIGOCA Deputy Secretary General Bishop Lazarus Shumba said suicide cases are affecting not only the church but the nation at large.

Bishop Sumba said every human being has Gods given purpose and therefore challenges can be overcome through opening up to the church or psychologists for counseling.

“There is a purpose why God has brought us here on earth and before we leave, we need to accomplish the purpose. We would want to appeal to the Nation that certain situations are there for a moment, so let us open up to family members, the church and so on concerning the things depressing us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Children in Need Network also says it is disheartened with the number of suicide cases in the country, further calling on various stakeholders to put in place  mental health programs.

This follows the incident were a seven year old grade one pupil committed suicide in Kalulushi district.

Network Executive Director Bestone Banda said the issue of people taking their own lives is turning into a national disaster and unless attended to Zambia will experience more fatalities.

Mr. Banda also urgently called on everyone including families to be on the lookout for their children.

“The issue of mental health for children has been neglected in Zambia for a long time, we need to speedly rise to the occasion! Its about time we look at our legislative framework to ensure this trend is discontinued,” he stated.

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