A resident of Lusaka’s Mutendere Township Steven has called on parents to teach and mentor children in the ways of the lord through the teaching of the bible.

The resident has noted that most parents invest in other areas of their children while neglecting the spiritual aspects.

“Parents are very concerned of providing material support for their children while they neglect the spiritual aspect that must be put in children why they are still young”. The resident observed.

He has stated that youths of today are wayward because their parents do not teach them to grow in a biblical manner.

“Children are like a field what you plant is what you harvest. If all you plant in your children is technology that is what they will grow with and we can’t blame churches because the first church a child has is the home. Teach your children the bible and encourage them to have personal bibles”. He noted.

He has also called on churches to share the word of God more to grow their congregants.

“The churches must not just emphasis prayer while leaving out the word because the word will give their members a solid ground that even when the devil attacks or tempts them they will be able to overcome”. He advised.

By: Mumba Tailashi.

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