Democratic party expelled vice president, Judith Kabemba has revealed that Mr. Harry Kalaba does not belong to any party, hence  she has wondered why Mr. Kalaba is celebrating that he has won the case to file in a candidate for the Kabwata constituency by elections.

This follows Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ’s green light for the party to file in their candidates as long as the candidate has nomination certificates with a signature of the general secretary who is approved by the registrar of societies.

Ms. Kabemba has told one love radio news that the registrar of societies have made it clear that Mr. Kalaba is no where in the records.

“Truthfully speaking I think something is wrong in his head, secretary general for the DP is Mr. Evans Chilambwe who is the longest serving member of the DP, the rest are impostors and the signature doesn’t matter”, she said.

Meanwhile, when contacted for a comment Democratic Party Eastern province chairman Danton Ndlovu has expressed shock on the allegations and claims made by Ms. kabemba stating that Mr. kabala has no approved secretary general.

“So we have the secretary general who is sitting at the registrar of societies since 2018 by the name of precious Ntambu,  then we have the DP original certificate, so if the other three have got a certificate then they have illegally obtained”, he said.

Mr.  Ndlovu says Evans Chilambwe is not general secretary as claimed by Ms. Kabemba further stating that the right secretary for the DP is Ms. Precious Ntambu who holds the original and approved certificate.

“As we stand today it is the group that president kalaba falls on, that will have the ability to be allowed by ECZ to file in the candidate for Kabwata, he said.


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