Tobacco Free Association of Zambia TOFAZA has called for the complete ban of shisha to save the new generation in Zambia.

TOFAZA executive director Brenda Chitindi said this is to effectively reduce the rate of shisha tobacco smoking among young ones in Zambia further recommending the use of public health education interventions focusing on positively changing people’s attitude towards shisha.

“The rising prevalence of shisha smoking in Zambia can be attributed to the increase in the openings of new shisha lounges/bars, subtle advertisement of shisha in public places mostly around shopping malls, social acceptance of shisha smoking, peer influence, and public misconceptions about the safety profile of shisha use,” she said.

Ms. Chitindi also said the Ministry of Health is the main actor to push the issue of shisha smoking to the political agenda by framing it as serious public health risk.

“Ministry of Health with its allies should advocate enforcement of a law to ban shisha smoking and advertising in all public places including homes and private areas,” she said.

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