Topstar partners with local content production firm

Topstar Zambia   Vice president Cliff Sichone has disclosed that the company, having been in Zambia for just over 2 years has partnered with Owas Mwape production.

This partnership took place at the debut of the movie called VINDANDA at Nu Metro Cinemas at Arcades shopping mall in Lusaka.

Mr Sichone has promised continued delivery of topnotch TV content at its 25 platforms on which the local TV stations are being carried on in Zambia.

Topstar Zambia Vice President Cliff Sichone

He has added that Topstar will not relent in bringing only the best content to satisfy its audience in Zambia and in the region adding that the partnership with Owas Mwape Production is a sign of the media giant’s dedication to its industry.

“It is good to provide the audience with international content, but we as Topstar go a step further to promote local content and products. We believe that is extremely vital to showcase local content and that it reaches the right audience which is the Zambian populace. We therefore call upon the local industry from across the country to visit our offices and begin to discuss with our staff on how we can create new synergies together.” The Topstar Vice President said.

By Ricky Mwakwa

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