The Lusaka high court has sentenced a man of Lusaka to 12 years imprisonment for vandalizing ZESCO cables from a transformer valued at over K17, 740.52.

Kartis katapulangeni aged 42 was on 14 November 2022 handed the 12 year jail sentence after being found guilty of vandalizing ZESCO cables on a transformer that supplies power to Rhodes park area in Lusaka.

Facts of the matter are that on 9th August 2021, ZESCO security received a tip of from Rhodes park residents who were experiencing a power outage in the area.

The team rushed to the scene and discovered that Katapulangeni had been injured in the process of vandalizing the transformer and was lying on the ground unconscious and was later detained at woodlands police station after he regained consciousness.

This was contained in statement issued by ZESCO’s cooperate affairs department.

“Vandalism is a setback to ZESCO operations and amounts to economic sabotage as electricity is an essential resorce that drives the economy”.

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