The Independent Broadcasting Authority IBA has urged radio stations and presenters to promote inner peace for listeners through their programmes.

IBA Acting Director General Eustace C Nkandu has stated that it is important for radio stations to have an editorial policy that supports dialogue and policy.

Mr. Nkandu has stated that this year’s theme for the world radio day Dialogue, Tolerance and peace is important for Zambia as radio is a much louder and appropriate tool for promoting dialogue.

“Radio is fast and an excellent platform for dialogue as it brings together different people who share their different views on various radio programmes. People who are rivals can also agree to disagree on matters thereby encouraging tolerance and unity in the country”.

He has further advised radio presenters that as the country commemorates world radio day which falls on the 13th of February, to be tolerant to views of different people especially regarding politics and governance thereby promoting dialogue in the nation.

“The same radio stations we are saying can build peace, tolerance and dialogue can also destroy it if they choose to only cover one side of the story”.

He was speaking on the neighborhood programme on One Love Radio on Wednesday.

By: Mumba Tailashi.

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