Some street vendors have complained on the directive by Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Hon. Gary Nkombo asking traders to vacate the streets of Lusaka with immediate.

This follows, incident where the Lusaka city council police were chasing the vendors from Lusaka’s Cairo road.

They say they are not refusing to vacate, but the government should provide an alternative place or market that they would trade from.

“But why are people chasing us now, there is no way you chase us from the streets, yet you have no where to take us, then where will we work from, this is not the time to chase us because we have responsibilities to handle” they said.

Meanwhile, when contacted for a comment the Zambia national marketers credit association ZANMACA has supported the move by government to ask the vendors to vacate the streets stating that the government is doing the best to ensure there is sanity and hygiene is maintained.

ZANAMACA president Mulipila Kameya said all what government is trying to do is to keep streets clean by directing vendors to go in markets.

Mr. Kameya also told one love radio news that the move will further help the local government to collect revenue so that more markets are developed.

“Our street are dirty, all the government is trying to do is to maintain and keep our streets clean”, he said.

Care for Nature Zambia also expressed concern with the directive made stating that this will send hundreds of families into poverty especially for those who sale perishable goods. 

Organization executive director, Nsama Musonda Kearns further appealed to the the local authority to work with Associations, CSOs and the affected traders to hold dialogue meetings that will lead to a lasting solution.

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