Sinyawagora rural health center.

The vice president of the republic of Zambia Mrs. W.K Mutale Nalumango has commissioned sinyawagora health rural center in senior chief Mburuma’s chiefdom of Luangwa district.

The health facility was constructed by Childfund through the Luangwa child development agency at a total cost of K4,640,635.85.   

Officiating at the ceremony Mrs. W.K Nalumango said, the facility is very timely as it is happening at a time when the government is in the process of transforming the health sector and ensuring universal health coverage for all.

“We are doing this because we believe that any investment in health is key to attaining a productive population. Health is also an economic commodity that enhances human development”. She said.

The vice president said, government is aware of the inequalities in health service delivery especially between urban and rural areas which is why it has put in place the recruitment and deployment of skilled human resource for all health facilities across the country as a strategy to address, these challenges.

“To ensure this becomes a reality government has set aside over 900 million for the recruitment process which has now commenced. the recruitment and deployment of 11,200 health personnel will take care of the human resource gap in the ministry of health which currently stands at 56 per cent’’. She added.

vice president of the Republic of Zambia W.K Mutale Nalumango.

And speaking at the same event ChildFund Zambia country director Simba Machingaidze said, that health care interventions have remained a cornerstone of ChildFund Zambia’s work, which is why the organization invests considerable effort and resources in supplementing government efforts that are aimed at bringing quality health care as close to the communities as possible.

ChildFund Zambia country director Simba Machingaidze.

“We do this because we believe that health care that is close to where the people live does not just lower cases of maternal and child deaths but also stimulates community development which in turn leads to overall national development”. He said.

Mr. Machingaidze noted that this task is an enormous task which cannot be undertaken by the government alone but requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

“It is for this reason that ChildFund through its local partners like the Luangwa child development agency (Lcda) has continued to raise resources for the construction of health posts and renovation of existing ones”. He added.

He therefore appealed to the people of the community to look after the structures carefully, for the benefit of the future.

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