Vyane cooperative house launched in Nangoma

Vyane Multipurpose Cooperative in Nangoma constituency Mumbwa district Central Province launched a k200,000 worth building aimed at creating opportunities and alleviate poverty among the local people in the area through the cooperative.

Speaking at the handover ceremony attended by One Love Radio news Vyane cooperative Chairperson Edward Bwalya expressed gratitude to its partners which include One Love Radio and Trade Kings foundation for the support further stating that the building through the cooperative will help generate wealth among local people using the vast resources in Nangoma constituency and the district at large.

Mr. Bwalya said the building which contains offices for the cooperative among others, will also uplift the livelihoods of people through various partnerships.

The chairperson also reiterated the Vyane’s determination in ensuring that it creates employment and infrastructure development.

“Lack of roads, hospitals and proper schools has been the challenged faced in our area, hence as Vyane we are determined to resolve these challenges and uplift people’s livelihoods,” Mr. Bwalya said.

Meanwhile, speaking at the same event area senior headman Chibobela thanked Vyane for their determination in ending poverty and further advised for the enhancement of development in the area through building infrastructure on land which is largely available in the area.

Myooye ward councellor in Nangoma constituency Shimpondo Malvin encouraged the local people to build and open more opportunities through such cooperatives.

He emphasized the need to be innovative through Vyane and the finances that would be made available.

 The local people of Nangoma constituency commended the formation of cooperatives in the area that have proved beneficial to many youths and women in the area.

One of the residents, Ruth Mfundiwe who is also secretary for Zuma Zuma cooperative in the area, told One Love Radio news that the formation of cooperatives has provided and facilitated many women and youths in the area through capacity building trainings which includes skills in new technology.

Ms. Mfundiwe said the income generating activities is contributing to the poverty reduction agenda in Nangoma constituency.

she has also supported and commended the move by Vyane multipurpose cooperative on its determination in generating wealth among the local people

And Trade Kings foundation public relations and cooperate affairs manager Bridget Kambobe said as a foundation they are cognizant of the importance of reducing poverty in communities by building local capacities hence empowering Vyane cooperative is one of the foundations agenda to creating a sustainable communities and creating employment.

 “Indeed, cooperatives play a significant role in improving the livelihoods of rural communities worldwide,” she said.

local people in Nangoma constituency witness the launch of Vyane house.
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