The ruling Patriotic Front says it will petition the Sesheke Parliamentary By-election results due to the violence by the opposition and police brutality that characterized the elections.

PF Secretary General, Davis Mwila has alleged that opposition United Party for National Development UPND won through the use of physical, violence, magical manipulation and bloodshed to retain the seat.

“We lost the Sesheke parliamentary by-election not because our candidate or development agenda did not sell but because enemies of democracy and violent merchants of death and destruction disturbed the peace and turned the constituency into a blood bath”. Mr. Mwila said.

“We are appalled at the vicious unprovoked attacks of the police unleashed on our members and we seriously question the brutality the PF faithfully suffered at the hands of police. We demand answers!” He expressed.

“We demand answers as to why our law abiding unarmed members were butchered like criminals at the hands of the police”. The PF Secretary General demanded.

“As PF we hate violence. In light of the forgoing, let it therefore be made clear that we will petition the violence-induced results of the Sesheke By-elections”. He revealed.

Mr. Mwila has expressed excitement on the PF scooping all seven ward by-elections in Tuesday’s vote.

He says his party is looking forward to the Bahati Constituency by-elections, which shall adequately be prepared for.

Meanwhile UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema has thanked the people of Sesheke for “embracing the ballot and rejecting the bullets.”

“I wish to congratulate the electorate across the country for recognizing that the ballot is stronger than violence perpetrated by the ruling party using state machinery”. The opposition leader stated.

He adds that the youthful incoming Sesheke lawmaker, 34 year old Romeo Kang’ombe represents the younger generation in governance. 

By: Mumba Tailashi.

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