Young Women Christian Association YWCA has supported the stance by the Minister of health Sylvia Masebo against young women engagements in sexual activities following the 42 percent of HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women, from the ages of 15 to 24 years.

YWCA Executive Director Mrriam Mwiinga said having 14,611 new infections of HIV among young people creates public concern, further stating that there is need for sexual reproductive information and sensitizations to the young women so that they understand the long term effects of such activities.

Speaking to One Love Radio news, Ms. Mwiinga said if young women should not participate in such vices as it might create a negative impact on their future economically and well as health wise.

“Those old men could be married and have no interest in settling with the young girls, and when the girls get pregnant they are not supported and the burden will remain on the family hence negatively affecting them economically,” she said.

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