Zambia! A call to prayer and reconciliation

LUSAKA – Some clergymen have encouraged Zambian political leaders and Zambians at large to participate in this year’s National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation.

The 18th of October marks Zambia’s declared day of praying, fasting and forgiving made so in 2015 by the incumbent head of State president Edgar Lungu.

Speaking during the One Love Radio Neighborhood program Friday morning, Bishop Christopher Kabunda of Family Fellowship Global Church says that it is important to heed president Lungu’s call for Zambians to return to the altar of God.

“We are all called to minister in our own ways because that’s what He created us to do foremost, before anything else. Each and every one of us is commissioned to live according to the way God taught us to, that’s what being a Christian means. So the call to national  prayer scheduled and proclaimed to take place this month on the 18th, is a YES for me.” Bishop Kabunda said.

Meanwhile, Pastor Andrew Mumba from Rehoboth Prephetic Remnant Ministries warns that since Zambia is a Christian nation, every Zambian has the obligation to play a part in the reconciliation of souls adding that it is every citizen’s mandate to dedicate their service to God’s cause and ministry.

“A divine mandate is something that should not be taken lightly, we are obliged, as Christians, to answer the call to national prayer, fasting and reconciliation. We are called upon to drop our differences and get back to rededicate our lives and service to God. Where two or three are gathered, there is the Lord, in their midst. What more where a nation is gathered? What more good can be achieved?” He said.

By Ricky Mwakwa

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