Zambia Dry spell hit farmers.

Some farmers in Chongwe district of Lusaka province have continued to complain about the weather and it affecting their farm Produce.

A check by one love radio news found that most fields are either plain or have crops that are withering.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with one love radio news, some farmers in Kanakantapa and Kasonkomona area in Chongwe district lamented that they planted their crops during the first rains, further stating that their crops have now been destroyed.

Dry fields in Kanakantapa area, Chongwe district.

Like now, the rains are late, they are no were to be seen, and we don’t know how the whether condition will be. We ask government to help us with at least beans and cassava, these don’t need much rain and we can still, sale, export and benefit as farmers”, they said.

When contacted for a comment Chongwe Kanakantapa area councilor Lewis Kalimakwenda stated that he is aware of the situation.

We are very much aware of the current situation where it’s so hot and we don’t know where this cloud will take us to, but we have talked to higher authorities about the issue” he said.

And Small Scale Farmers Development Agency SAFFADA’s chief executive officer Boyd Moobwe, said it is government obligation to come on board and help farmers by putting in place a deliberate program that sees to it that they are assisted.

we have always asked the government as well as the farmers to address the situation amicably and professionally, what I mean is that for the government has to put in place measure to address the situation, especially now that crops and seed they planted are going to waste” Mr. Moobwe said.

Mr. Moobwe also said only very few farmers can afford to replant and plough again hence the need for government to intervene.

“For farmers to raise income and plough or replant again, they are very few farmers who would be able to do that, government is government for everyone!, so the government should take a deliberate policy to help all farmers, whether on FISIP or not”, he further said.

water drying up in a well in Kasonkomona area, Chongwe district.

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