The Joining Forces Alliance, an alliance of six largest child-focused international NGOs united to end violence against children, has commended the Zambian Government for enacting the Children’s Code Act (12 of 2022).

Alliance Chairperson Simba Machingaidze said as the implementation of the newly enacted Act commences, the Alliance pledged its commitment to working with the Zambian Government and other stakeholders in supporting its implementation.

He added that the Act reiterated Zambia’s commitment to fulfilling its international, regional and national human rights obligations to eliminate all forms of violence against children in all settings. 

Mr. Machingaidze who is also ChildFund Zambia Country Director added that children made up more than half of the country’s population.

He emphasized that the Act was key to helping create a Zambia that was fit for every child.

“Path-finding countries are those whose government leaders do two things: Make a formal, public commitment to comprehensive action toward ending all forms of violence against children; and Request to become a Pathfinder within the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children,” he said. 

“We are also happy that the Act bans corporal punishment in all settings. This means that it is not justifiable under any circumstances to impose physical harm on a child whether at home, school, Church or anywhere else. 

To ensure that the ACT is implemented effectively, we are calling upon the Government to ensure adequate resources are mobilized. This is because legislation and plans can only be effectively implemented when adequately resourced,” he said. 

The Joining Forces Alliance Chairperson recalled that Zambia made a commitment to work towards ending all forms of violence against children by becoming the 31st Path-finding country in 2021.

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