Zambians outcry for maize subsidy reinstatement

A resident of Lusaka has called upon the government of Zambia to bring back the subsidy on mealie meal.

Fred Simbuwa, commonly known by the name Captain,  has told One Love Radio in a phone interview, following Permanent secretary of information and broadcasting’s remarks to “distribute the mealie meal to Zambians,” that government cannot feed the 19 million Zambians using the method it’s proposing.

Mr Simbuwa has stated that the prices of the commodity has sky-rocked to unaffordable peaks, making it difficult for most Zambians to sustain themselves adding that he observed that mealie meal prices in Chipata, where he’d visited, have soared up to K150 per 25 Kilograms.

“Government’s plan to distribute the staple food to citizens will not cutter for the numbers of hungry Zambians because it is utter inappropriateness as the only solution is bringing back the subsidy on the commodity.” He said.

By Ricky Mwakwa

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