The Zambia Center for Accountancy Studies ZCAS has donated food stuffs and other assorted items worth over k20,000 to some Senior citizens and some freedom fighters among others at Matero After Care Center in 9 Miles area Central Province.

Among the goods donated were cooking oil, mealie meal and detergents among other things.

Speaking during the donation, ZCAS Executive Director Dr. Egret Lengwe said the donation has been made as part of cooperate social responsibility with the senior citizens and as a spirit of humanism and recognition towards the ageing population even as the country continues to commemorate the month of October which is Zambia’s Independence month.

“In commemoration of the month of October, which is Zambia’s independence month and in the spirit of humanism as espoused by our country’s founding leader, we are here to undertake a small token of corporate social responsibility with our senior citizens,” he said.

However Dr. Lengwe also noted the significant impact of cultural values that need to be embraced among the Zambian people through taking care of the elderly.

He said there is need for everyone to take responsibility, embrace and take care of the elderly people who are vulnerable and need help from the energetic young Zambians.

Dr. Lengwe described the elderly as a pillar that holds families together and plays a vital role in disseminating cultural values, despite being in a modern era where family ties are broken and cultural traditions and values are fast disappearing.

“On our part it is heartwarming to spend this with the freedom fighter here at Matero After Care Centre, it reminds us of the modern era we are living under,” he further said.

And speaking at the same event one of the client’s at Matero After Care Center Mr. Tanaka expressed gratitude to ZCAS for their kind gesture in recognizing Senior citizens and people in need.

“We appreciate that you have chosen to come an extra mile here at a time we really needed your help, may God bless you,” he said.

Meanwhile, ZCAS also shared meals with the citizens and helped in cleaning the surroundings at the center.

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