ZCAS graduates more than 250 students

Zambia Center for Accountancy Studies Zicas University has held its 5th graduation ceremony with the theme continuing through innovative education, and has graduated more than 250 students from various schools, including the school of business, the school of ICT and the School of social sciences among others.

Speaking at the 1st session of the Ceremony the University Chancellor Dr Tukiya Kankasa congratulated the students for their achievements despite the restrictions that came with the covid 19.

She said the covid 19 has brought many challenges as well as great opportunities that the students should take advantage of and be creative and inventive.

“It is normally said of entrepreneurs that a problem is an opportunity in disguise you too can see the new normal as an opportunity in disguise if you think inventively”. she said.

“Research publications have shown that there are numerous business opportunities to be exploited during this period of the pandemic, for instance there has been increasing demand globally for delivery services, virtual assistance services and network security services among many opportunities, with an entrepreneur spirit these are the types of services that can be created by people such as yourself and they require the kind of skill you have acquired”. She said.

The Chancellor also mentioned that the university has confidence in the students that they will tackle challenges successfully even in the difficult times of the covid 19 as well as contribute to the sustainability of their work organizations, community and the country.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of all students at the same event, Mildred Mumba who is also one of the graduates, has thanked ZCAS university for their Excellency in providing quality education , she says even with the COVID19  investment in ITC infrastructure has made the academic progression unaffected.

She also said that it was a necessary process that the management and stuff at the university took, in molding them into professionals who do not settle for less but always strive for excellence.

“We are now better equipped researchers and professionals because of our interactions with you”. she further said.

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