Zambian Empowerment hub for Entrepreneurship and Skills Training (ZEHEST), has embarked on making quality desks to bridge the gap on the shortage of such items in schools.

ZEHEST said it has noted with concern the shortage of desks in most learning institutions, primary and secondary schools both in urban and rural areas more especially of which has made learning a challenge.

Empowerment hub executive director Clarence Muzyamba further called on the ministry of Youth and small and medium Enterprises and the ministry of education to supply them with desks supplying contracts and connections to buyers.

As ZEHEST, we believe and we are advocates of Quality education, we therefore call upon the ministries of Youth and small and medium Enterprises to connect us to buyers as a way of empowering us, Ministry of education (MOE) through Debs must give us Desks supplying contracts,” he said.

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