Save the environment and people’s agency SEPA has urged Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) and stake holders to conduct a tour at lower Zambezi and asses the situation at the site.

SEPA Chief Executive Officer Mailes Muke noted that this will help all stakeholders come up with a solid decision from an informed perspective.
“We know ZEMA already objected to the mining at lower Zambezi but the tour will have other stake holders and citizens have a clear picture of the situation,” She said.

Ms. Muke reiterated that SEPA does not support mining in the lower Zambezi as they are a lot of mines in the country that are not beneficial to the locals.

“We do not support mining in the lower Zambezi as the country already has a lot of mines. In North Western province were we are, there are 3 mining giants but poverty levels are still high, there’s no university and feeder roads are bad and people can’t easily transport their produce so we don’t see the need to continue mining everywhere. Please ZEMA make the tour so that we can have concrete answers” She said.

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