ZESCO power outages collapse early maize production plans.

The Zambia national farmers Union ZNFU says the maize which was planted earlier is now wilting while what was recently planted is stressed at germination phase due to load shedding.

ZNFU President Jervis Zimba says farmers have now been hit by 18 to 21 hours of load shedding every day. 

Mr. Zimba has charged that there are misplaced priorities in determining who should be load shed as some residential areas are not load shaded.

Someone in the Energy Sector (be it at the Ministry of Energy or at the power utility) should be made accountable for failure to take timely measures to counter the energy crisis which has crippled the country. He urged.

The ZNFU president states that what is happening is the highest order of negligence as the country has plenty pool of skilled manpower which could be properly utilized in planning to avert such crisis. 

“The ZNFU has written to both the utility company ZESCO Ltd and the Ministry of Energy and we are waiting for feedback. To say that the energy crisis is the final nail in the coffin for the farming sector in Zambia is an understatement because the anticipated losses from the futile efforts to grow irrigated maize are astronomical hence false hopes that power would be made available for maize production should have never been created in the first place”. Mr. Zimba stated.

By: Mumba Tailashi

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