The Zambia National Public Health Institute ZNPHI has advised parents not to be ignorant and hesitant to take their children who are 18 and below, for COVID 19 vaccination, so as to fight against the virus.

ZNPHI director communication for research Mazaba Mazyanga Liwewe said this decision made by the government is a way to reduce infections among children.

This follows the current incident, where children are being hospitalized and some die from the virus of which hasn’t been happening in the country.

“It’s not like we just decided to start vaccinating people under the age of 18, it is based on evidence and it has been perceived to protect people of that age of population”, she said.

Mrs. Liwewe told one love radio in an exclusive interview that if more people are vaccinated, there will be a reduction in the transmission of the virus in communities.

Meanwhile , Zambia has recorded a total number of 3,907 confirmed cases of covid-19  out of 11, 925 tests conducted in the last 24hours with 2 COVID19 deaths and 5 associated deaths.

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